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Avalon Design Repair Centre

This page still under construction in January 2022

(some of us have real work to do, including Avalon Design repairs).

There have been changes at Avalon Design. You will notice that some products have been discontinued from the Price List and there are different arrangements for (in the USA) accessory purchase through Sweetwater and service provision through Audio Rehab. I will be updating this page from time to time with the latest developments. Don't worry - your Avalon product is still supported and I'm still working as normal during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Breaking news - as breaking as it gets!

New product sighting at NAMM January 2020 - see YouTube interview.

Warranty repairs

Studiocare was the last appointed UK distributor for Avalon Design products, announced in an October 2014 article in the blog section of their website.
They set up a 'microsite' for further information about the product range, and their sales site is here, with prices shown. Looking at it now in January 2022, the site shows some items and accessories at differing stock levels.

The Avalon Design site offers the Audio Rehab service, presumably for USA warranty repairs too.

You can ask about UK warranty service using "avalon at myringwiring dot co dot uk". Please give your location and the serial number of the unit, plus the date and place of purchase.

Repairs on units out of warranty

For the usual no nonsense, any hour of the day or night, service you have come to expect, use "avalon at myringwiring dot co dot uk". Please give your location and the serial number of the unit. I have been operating the official repair centre since 1996.

Repair Parts

I keep some repair parts to avoid the delay in shipping from the USA on a 'job by job' basis. I don't have retail sale facilities. At present, it is not known who will be responsible for parts sales to users wanting to do their own repairs. Responses from Avalon Design to parts enquiries had been slow but improving until the Covid-19 lockdown. The factory was in lockdown, effective 20 March 2020, and after a brief let up, they were in lockdown again. Ordering supplies is still difficult following the subsequent move to San Gabriel and because of this, priority will be given to functional repairs over cosmetic replacements.

Some notes about tubes for the VT-Series

I don't sell the 6922EH tubes used in the VT-737sp and VT-747sp. If you want to try replacing tubes yourself, they are retail items which you can buy in sets from Sweetwater or your local distributor.

The notes have been moved to their own page to allow for more details to be added when time allows.

Product information

Details of all products, and some handy trouble-shooting hints can be found on the Avalon Design website.

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