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Useful links:

Audio Precision provide full details of their products, software utilities and technical papers.

Thurlby Thandar Instruments are the UK distributors for the Spectral Measurement (formerly Prism Sound) dScope Series III analysers and other test equipment.

Avalon Design manufacture a range of audio processors. The mechanical and electronic design is superb. Myring Wiring is the UK service centre for their products.

Motionworks supplied machine control systems, integrating other manufacturers' studio consoles, recording systems and synchronisers. Their web site is no longer available, but you can use the e-mail link to request information about rental or repair.

Aardvark manufactured clock sources, clock distribution amplifiers and PC audio recording interfaces. Their web site is no longer available.

Prism Sound design and manufacture analog to digital converters and digital to analog converters, as well as the DSA-1 and dScope Series III analysers.


CB Electronics design and manufacture a broad range of control and synchronisation systems for film, video and audio:

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